Ric Anderson Gallery

Ric Anderson Gallery

I'm happy to talk to you about painting your favorite photo of people, a scene, animal, or boat. I have affordable prices for creating original digital paintings, also, if the subject is appropriate, an original watercolor.

For digital works of art, I would charge a single price for the painting work itself and a separate price for the production of hardcopy. There are many methods of creating the hangable artwork and prices would be based on the options chosen.

I've been painting Watercolors for 23 years. I live in Richmond, Virginia and sell original works of art in several art shows during the year. I have been engaged in serious photography for several years and am now merging the two arts with digital painting using Corel Painter and Procreate, two terrific painting applications.

Although many of my peers consider me accomplished, I consider it important to be a student of art and will be the rest of my life.

I created this site to provide a means to make available highest quality reproductions of my work. I have selected the best of the three mediums: Watercolor, Photography and Digital Painting to make available in several prints and formats for you to purchase and enjoy.